Upgrades and Conversions


A wide range of machinery updates are offered to help enhance machine performance and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.  Our after-sale support can keep packaging operations modern and up-to-date. We provide upgrades for most equipment models. We focus on updating previous models to include our newest technologies. We believe an equipment purchase is a long-term investment, and that our customers should be offered updated technology as it becomes available to maximize their existing capabilities. Because this service is so important to us, we now have an upgrade sales team ready to provide accurate solutions for your application.


We realise that many of our customer’s products and packages are changing every day to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace. To help your existing equipment flex and change with your needs, we can often retool and re-program your existing machine to accommodate your new products. No one has more expertise on our machines than we do. When you choose Barry-Wehmiller Australia for your conversion and upgrade projects, you can be certain your machine is being handled by a knowledgeable team who will deliver world-class service and the highest-quality machine possible.

For More Information contact us in Sydney, NSW at 02-9150-7055 or via email: sales@barry-wehmiller.com.au